Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Hilarious!

Today I had my first experience with Nitrous Oxide (aka "laughing gas"). Wow, what a trip! I was at my dentist's office today to get a tooth pulled and they couldn't get it out. They tried for over 1.5 hours before bringing in another dentist to try to "muscle" it out. By this time, I was a wreck and was shaking. It was a bad combination of the drilling sound, the blood, the pain, etc. Need I go on?
Anyway, the second dentist came right in and put the laughing gas on me. It was at that moment that I found out why they call it laughing gas. First, it made me feel "funny" all over. My body just felt strange. That wasn't the worst part of it, though. All of a sudden, I didn't just feel funny, I thought I WAS really funny. The Dr. was explaining to me that I could regulate the amount of gas I got by choosing how much I breathed through my nose. He explained, "If you want more gas, just breath through your nose more. If you want less,..." (this is where my inner comedian came out). I blurted out, "Then just stop breathing?" Hilarious, right? Right? Oh wow, not so much, huh?
Something else I didn't know what that even though you feel funny, you are still aware of your surroundings enough that you know how silly you are. I couldn't believe that I had said something so goofy. It got worse, though...I actually laughed out loud at my own joke! Yep, laughing out loud with a big vacuum-looking hose across my face, at a joke that wasn't funny to begin with! It was like having what people describe as an "out-of-body experience." It was like I was witnessing myself make a fool of myself, yet half of me was still really giggling over that hilarious joke! Ugh, how embarrassing!
Let me just say now that I will not be using nitrous oxide again. At least I gave everyone in the office a story to tell over their dinner tables tonight. Plus, for being such a great patient, I got to get a prize out of the treasure chest! I know that sounds like another one of my hilarious jokes, but it's actually true. I walked out of the office 2 hours later with 2 stitches in my mouth, gauze on my tooth, an ice pack on my cheek, and.......a new silicone pot holder! What a day!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Family Funnies

My kids have been in dress-up clothes most of the morning. Wyatt disappeared into our family room for a few mintues. He just came back into our living room with his underwear on backwards and a cowboy hat (and that's all). He held his hand out to Makenna and said, "Come on, let's get married." How could she resist that?