Thursday, September 3, 2009

I love those quiet moments...

You know, the ones that find everyone getting along? I had one just this morning. All 3 of the kids were playing within a 1 ft. square area of each other. No one was pushing, shoving, whining, complaining, etc. Since it is rare that they all are quiet for any length of time, I thought I better see just what they were doing. I saw that they had all of their "hair things" (clips, bows, barrettes, etc.) out and were fixing each other's hair. Now, I'm not the type person who can handle these big messes usually, but today I let it go. I must have found some sort of balance between the amount of sleep I had gotten the night before and the amount of coffee I had already consumed this morning. Strange, I know, but I allowed it.

Anyway, I would check on them from time to time, but being the smart mother I am, I used this time to tidy up the rest of the house. It was great! I had no one pulling on my leg while I cleaned the kitchen counters, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, and got a load of laundry going. Things like this just don't happen very often around here. I thought, "what a great day this is going to be!"

I went to check on my little angels again, but this time, I found this:

All 3 of them had decided to get out every gel, mousse, hair serum, and lotion they could find and proceded to apply it to their (previously clean) hair. I realize that in the pictures their hair just looks wet. Soooo not the case. That's all gel and lotion. Lovely.

Again, the coffee must have been strong this morning, because I didn't even react to it (yea, me...that's progress!). I took a couple pictures and asked them to not do that again. Later, as I was telling Big Daddy about it, I noticed that Makenna was listening and glowing with pride over what they had done. I reminded her that we shouldn't do that again, to which she said, "Yeah, but it was still fun." I guess we're making memories here.

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Don't you just love those rare and precious moments?

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